Capo 3 allows guitarists and musicians to learn songs in their iTunes libraries faster and more accurately.

Waterloo, Ontario (October 9, 2013) -- SuperMegaUltraGroovy Inc. today announced the third major release of Capo, the company’s award-winning app for the Mac that allows guitarists and musicians to learn songs in their iTunes libraries faster and more accurately. The widely anticipated new version features automatic chord and beat detection as well as a new guitar chord box display. Capo 3 is available today on the Mac App Store for $29.99.

What's New in Capo 3:

  • Fully automatic chord detection that makes learning songs even quicker and easier
  • The guitar chord box display that shows how to play the detected chords, and allows for a quick selection of alternates
  • A beat detection engine that gives Capo a bar/beat display, plus a metronome count-off for practice
  • Multiple regions can be named and snapped to the beat allowing them to loop in time with the recording

Capo also offers:

  • Independent speed and pitch controls, so musicians can listen to fast licks slowly, or change the key of any song
  • Excellent sound quality, so iTunes music still sounds great even when played considerably slower
  • A spectrogram that allows guitarists to see bends, slides, and vibrato in songs like never before
  • Quick tab entry: by drawing on top of the spectrogram, tabs are generated automatically to help musicians remember what they just learned

"Guitarists and musicians who want to learn new songs quickly and easily will simply love Capo 3,” said Chris Liscio, president, SuperMegaUltraGroovy, Inc. "This app is for anyone who wants to spend their valuable time learning their music instead of learning how to use complicated software.”

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:

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