bc audio

A stellar 6V6 combo with inspiring, innovative options.



World-class workmanship. Gorgeous tones. Unique personality. Useful and innovative controls.

Pricey. No reverb.

$2,900 (head only)

BC Audio Bel Air 40


Ease of Use:


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This major update gives the amp a more modern voice.

San Francisco, CA (September 19, 2014) -- BC Audio announced that its most powerful and feature rich all-tube guitar amp, Amplifier No. 10, has undergone a significant redesign. This major update gives the amp a more modern voice, taking its tonal cues from an era of "modded" amps and hi-gain innovations. The effects loop has also been improved, with the ability to cleanly interface with a wider variety of outboard gear.

“I am very pleased with this update,” says BC Audio founder and award-winning guitarist Bruce Clement. “With a more modern overdrive sound, dual independent boosts, and one of the best effects loops in the industry, this is an amp that I am very excited about.”

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The mod gives the THD Hot Plate attenuator a foot-switchable boost.

San Francisco, CA (June 30, 2014) -- BC Audio now offers a modification to the THD Hot Plate attenuator that gives it a footswitch-controlled volume boost, a long awaited feature for the gigging guitarist.

Dubbed the “Hot Foot,” the mod allows the guitarist to turn up the Hot Plate one notch using a footswitch. This gives the guitarist a 4dB boost in volume, perfect for solos.

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