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BC Audio Introduces the Octal-Plex Series

BC Audio Introduces the Octal-Plex Series

The amps are based on 1960s British plexi circuits that have been adapted for octal preamp tubes.

San Francisco, CA (November 4, 2016) -- Boutique guitar amp builder BC Audio is expanding its critically acclaimed Octal-Plex series of guitar amps based on 1960s British plexi circuits that have been adapted for octal (8-pin) preamp tubes and built with true point-to-point construction techniques to include custom 100-watt versions. Each amp can be customized with a number of circuit variations and optional features.

“I’m very pleased with the Octal-Plex series. It’s an amazing combination: the big sound of octal preamp tubes, the clarity of point-to-point wiring, and those simple, powerful plexi circuits,” says BC Audio founder and award-winning guitarist Bruce Clement. “The 100-watt amps now complete the plexi picture.”

Customers are invited to choose between JTM45/100-style or Superlead-style preamp circuits, in Lead or Bass specs. Other circuit variations and mods are available, along with a menu of pre-configured options. Mr. Clement often works with individual customers to tailor the amp to their specific needs for a truly custom, handcrafted instrument.


  • 4x EL34 output section
  • 3x 6SL7GT preamp tubes (4x w/ effects loop)
  • Faithful adaptation of plexi circuits
  • True point-to-point construction (no turret, eyelet or printed circuit board)
  • Post phase inverter master volume
  • Footswitch-controlled gain boost (optional)
  • Footswitch-controlled volume boost (optional)
  • Tube-buffered effects loop w/ send and return levels (optional)
  • Footswitch-controlled loop bypass (optional)
  • 26” wide “small-box” head
  • Black tolex and bold red racing stripes (other colors available)

Pricing: Introductory pricing starts at $2600 for 100-watt models, direct from Matching 2x12 speaker cabinets are available for $725.

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