BC Audio Unveils Updated Version of Amplifier No. 10

This major update gives the amp a more modern voice.

San Francisco, CA (September 19, 2014) -- BC Audio announced that its most powerful and feature rich all-tube guitar amp, Amplifier No. 10, has undergone a significant redesign. This major update gives the amp a more modern voice, taking its tonal cues from an era of "modded" amps and hi-gain innovations. The effects loop has also been improved, with the ability to cleanly interface with a wider variety of outboard gear.

“I am very pleased with this update,” says BC Audio founder and award-winning guitarist Bruce Clement. “With a more modern overdrive sound, dual independent boosts, and one of the best effects loops in the industry, this is an amp that I am very excited about.”

Amplifier No. 10, originally introduced in 2011, is a 50w all-tube guitar amplifier utilizing a pair of EL34 power tubes and four 6SL7 octal (8-pin) preamp tubes. It is a single-channel amp with independent foot switchable and variable Gain Boost and Volume Boost, giving the gigging guitarist four combinations of gain and volume settings available via footswitch.

The effects loop is fully tube buffered, has Send Level and Return Level controls, True Bypass switch, is non-inverting and is compatible with all types of outboard gear.


  • 100% All-Tube Signal Path
  • True Point-to-Point Wiring
  • American-made Paper Bobbin/Paper Layer Wound Transformers
  • Custom Heavy 16ga Zinc-coated Steel Chassis w/ Welded Corners
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • EL34 Output Section/Octal Preamp Section
  • Bass/Mid/Treble EQ Controls
  • Master Volume Control
  • Independent Gain Boost and Volume Boost, w/ Front Panel Gain Boost and Volume Boost Controls, Dual Foot Switch Included
  • Depth and Presence Controls
  • Fully Tube-buffered Effects Loop w/ True Bypass Switch
  • Individual Output Tube Bias
  • Impedance Selector for 4, 8 or 16 Ohms

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