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BC Audio Introduces the Hot Foot Mod

BC Audio Introduces the Hot Foot Mod

The mod gives the THD Hot Plate attenuator a foot-switchable boost.

San Francisco, CA (June 30, 2014) -- BC Audio now offers a modification to the THD Hot Plate attenuator that gives it a footswitch-controlled volume boost, a long awaited feature for the gigging guitarist.

Dubbed the “Hot Foot,” the mod allows the guitarist to turn up the Hot Plate one notch using a footswitch. This gives the guitarist a 4dB boost in volume, perfect for solos.

“I’ve been gigging with non-master volume amps and attenuators for years,” says BC Audio founder and award-winning guitarist Bruce Clement. “But when it would come time for my solos, there was really no way to step out in the mix. That’s why I developed the Hot Foot. Now, when I need to get louder, I just step on the footswitch.”


  • Works at any attenuation setting. For example, with the Hot Plate's attenuation knob set at -8dB, when you step on the footswitch, it goes up to -4dB. Hit the footswitch again and it goes back down to -8dB. The knob does not actually move; you get the electronic equivalent of turning the knob.
  • Tone is unchanged. With the Hot Foot mod, you get the exact same tone that you get when you turn the attenuation knob by hand. It's just done electronically inside the Hot Plate.
  • Hot Plate functions remain. Everything on the Hot Plate works the same as before - the Bright and Deep switches, the bulbs, the Line Out, the fan. In fact, unplug the footswitch cable, and your Hot Plate is back to normal - it operates just as it always has, as if it were never modded.
  • Everything is encluded. With the Hot Foot mod, BC Audio supplies an LED-illuminated footswitch, 9VDC power supply, and 25’ cable to connect the footswitch to the Hot Plate. You can even use the included power supply to power other 9VDC pedals, or run the Hot Foot off of a standard pedalboard power supply.
  • Pricing: $119 direct from BC Audio (list $149) plus shipping.

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