Rig Rundown: Rival Sons' Scott Holiday [2023]

An aviary of 6-strings, a floor-based amp system, and an entire zoo full of pedals create this axeman’s vast sonic vocabulary—all seen in his second PG Rig Rundown.

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When it worked, the Tremulous Lune was a throbbing, mysterious, device capable of all kinds of pulsing mayhem, along with a very healthy gain boost.
Photo by Philippe Herndon

Six bizarre stomps that warped the minds of top builders.

In the late 1990s, I was craving a tremolo pedal and had set my sights on the recently discontinued Boss PN-2. My then girlfriend and future wife had other big plans. Using a revolutionary new thingamajig called “the Internet,” she found a handmade tremolo pedal called the Tremulus Lune from a collective/DIY kit site called 3ms Pedals in St. Louis, Missouri. For me—a public-radio listener seeking an alternative to mass-produced devices—the company’s approach was like a siren’s song: Payment options included bartering, and acceptable items for trade included everything from soldering stations and oscilloscopes to bicycle parts, toaster ovens, and coffee. When my girlfriend contacted 3ms founder Dan Green about buying the Lune, he convinced her to upgrade it with two mods: Swapping out the buffered footswitch for a true-bypass one (this mod was actually pretty unusual in the ’90s) and installing a ramp switch for, well, fun.

The pedal was housed in a handpainted electrician’s junction box with seemingly random knob placement, and it was signed by its maker, “Kelly.” Beneath an expansive nest of coiled and tangled 24-gauge wire rested a small stationery envelope containing a piece of cardboard with a printed layout diagram and components punched through it like thumbtacks. Featuring what some call a CBCB (“cardboard circuit board”), it was held together by the point-to-point-soldered leads, and insulated from shorting against the potentiometers by nothing more than paper and tape.

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The pedal mastermind Philippe Herndon shows off two of his company's newest stompboxes—a distortion and a lo-fi reverb.