Love varied reverb texture and presets but hate complex preset maneuvers? Well, meet your new best friend.

Simple-to-set-and-access presets. Great thickening ambience at modest settings. Effective damping control.

Some saccharine overtones in long reverbs—even with damping.


EarthQuaker Devices Ledges


I’d guess that when many people consider EarthQuaker and reverb in the same breath, they imagine devices from the wilder side of the effects spectrum. Certainly, EQD built their share of these. Reverbs like the Transmisser, Astral Destiny, and Afterneath are famous for their ability to mix modulation, octave content, or filtering effects with reverb and then propel those sounds ever skyward. But EarthQuaker is equally adept at building practical reverbs. The ultra-utilitarian Dispatch Master is one of the company’s best sellers. The discontinued Levitation moved from modest reverbs to extra-ethereal spaces with ease. And the Ghost Echo lives in the relatively pedestrian realm of digital spring-style reverb.

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