Farees—seen here in the studio with his Danelectro 12-string—cut his teeth playing with iconic Tuareg group Tinariwen.

Photo by Rafaelle Serra

Bucking the “neocolonialism” of World Music, this guitar pluralist brings explosive scope and skill to Tuareg-rooted playing on his new album, which includes original Meters guitarist Leo Nocentelli.

Farees’ new album, Blindsight, opens with a blistering cover of “Hey Joe.” And although the guitarist is heavily influenced by Hendrix and delivers a nearly spot-on rendition of the iconic solo in the middle of the song, he’s really displeased by the comparisons being bandied about in attempts to describe his own guitar prowess.

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Do thicker strings make you a better player? Let's find out!

Stevie Ray Vaughan's influence on gear and gearheads has been gigantic. Back in the '80s, it seemed as if he almost single-handedly resurrected the Stratocaster, helping boost vintage Strats into a mythic realm. And who else did more to bring the worship of vintage Fender amps to a whole new level?

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Rock ''n roll auction at Christie''s

New York, NY (December 3, 2007) – A copy of Jimi Hendrix’ “Axis: Bold as Love” just went for $20,000 at Christie’s Auction House in New York. It was signed by the Voodoo Chile and came with three color photos.

The classic album was part of an auction of 1960s and 1970s rock n’ roll memorabilia. Other items that went for big bucks include: a Rolling Stones shirt for $4,750; three Hendrix concert posters for $10,625, $16,250 and $18,750; a Yardbirds shirt worn by rock journalist Greg Shaw to the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 for $3,000; a maroon Led Zeppelin concert tee from 1973 for $1,625; and a “War is over! If you want it” shirt inspired by the John Lennon Song, “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” for $1,875.

Christie’s said most of the T-shirts were bought by private collectors.

For more information:
Christie''s Rock & Pop Memorabilia Sale #1912