Rig Rundown: Diarrhea Planet

These party-rockin’ tone hunters plug their idiosyncratic axes into gifted Klons, helping them turn Music City into riff city.

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Our crew meets up at Carter Vintage Guitars to give a quick rundown of the most head-turning things they saw on their first day at the Nashville gear expo.

The first day was full of interesting and weird gear from Mythos, Yamaha, Blackstar, Fender, and more!

According to Fender pedal guru Stan Cotey, this acoustic overdrive might be the weirdest thing the company has ever built. After making a laundry list of all the problems associated with acoustic distortion, Cotey started checking things off. It offers a rather convincing solution for acoustic strummers who want to add some rock to their sound. $149 and will be out in October.