november 2017

An airy, eager to-please overdrive/boost that moves from transparency to sparkling growl with style and ease.

I thought I didn’t need to hear another overdrive for a while. But the jack-of-all-trades, master-of-many Coppersound Foxcatcher has changed my mind. The Foxcatcher won’t suit every style. (Fans of dark, super-squished tweed crunch may be less enthused than me.) But anyone who savors moving from blackface Fender-style overdrive to Brit-tinged grit will dig how effortlessly the Foxcatcher manages this trick.

The keys to Foxcatcher’s flexibility are a rangeful, sensitive tone control, a tastefully executed, airy gain stage, and a presence control (called nature) that’s useful for fine tuning tone recipes for a given amp or guitar. The boost is excellent—imparting warmth and extra oomph with an absolute minimum of extra dirt. And whether you place it before or after the overdrive using the “first” toggle, it’s a seamless match.

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