Rig Rundown: Lindsay Ell [2023]

The ferocious guitarist—and singer-songwriter and bandleader—has a brand new rig for 2023. Check it out!

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It's designed to minimize the tonal change when you boost the signal.

Burbank, CA (September 9, 2015) -- The Providence Vitalizer FB is a successor of the Final Booster to represent its true performance and function. This is the same product as Final Booster FBT-1.

The Vitalizer is one of the buffers that converts high impedance signal that are more likely to degrade the sound quality by picking up noise or losing higher frequency sound while going through the wiring and electric circuits to low impedance signal that are less likely to be affected by those problems. It is an Active Impedance Converter that Providence has applied original invention to make sure the sound doesn't get too Hi-Fi while respecting guitars and effect pedals' character of sound signals. It delivers natural faithful instrument sound by using a special circuit that minimizes the "Active" sound. The signal goes through the Vitalizer FB's circuit even when the pedal is turned off to deliver more vivid sound to the following units.

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The patented "Loosening Prevention" feature helps prevent loosening the plug cap from vibrations.

North Hollywood, CA (August 26, 2015) -- The V206 features the NP-21 and NP-21L, the world's smallest original plugs that are perfect to save space and lighten the pedalboard. The patented "Loosening Prevention" feature helps prevent loosening the plug cap from slight vibration while traveling and reduce the risk of having troubles.

Providence cables are designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of leading artists, both on stage and in the studio. Know-how acquired through extensive experience in the field is exhaustively and effectively applied in every product we make. Just as there are a wide variety of musical genres, each player has unique personal sonic preferences. Providence creates cables to meet the widest possible range of musical needs while continuously working on new technology and innovations that will forge the sounds of the future.

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