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Providence Releases the Sonic Drive SDR-4R

Providence Releases the Sonic Drive SDR-4R

An updated version of a classic overdrive, but with modern components.

North Hollywood, CA (October 3, 2016) -- Providence has introduced an overdrive pedal, the Sonic Drive SDR-4R, for a limited run.

We are excited to reissue the Sonic Drive this fall as Sonic Drive SDR-4R for a limited run. Based on the old SDR-4 which was the most praised version, we retained the circuit that affects the sound while using updated parts. A full and vibrant sound can be realized without being masked by the sound of other instruments in a band environment.


  • An Overdrive with greater presence: The Providence Sonic Drive mainly targets rhythm guitarists. However, the overdrive can be used for rougher playing, and can enable the feelings of the player to be expressed. Even with distortion, the tonal balance from the 1st string to the 6th string is well defined. However, with this rough, edgy sound the mid to high range is especially emphasized.
  • Fat Switch: The new fat switch provides low-range control. Turning on the fat switch increases the low-range gain, resulting in a fatter sound.
  • S.C.T. Circuit: In a normal true-bypass circuit, the audio signal passes through two switch contacts when in bypass mode. But in the Sonic Drive, the audio passes through a single contact. The result is higher sound quality and reliability.
  • High-Brightness LED & LED lens: The LED in the Sonic Drive features an extremely bright LED that helps to see the pedal is turned on or off even from far out.

The Sonic Drive SDR-4R carries street prices of $199.00 in the USA. They will be available at select retailers, EMG Pickups, and can also be purchased directly from Providence America’s online store at with free shipping to the customers in the USA.

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