Providence Introduces the 20th Anniversary Platinum Link V206

The patented "Loosening Prevention" feature helps prevent loosening the plug cap from vibrations.

North Hollywood, CA (August 26, 2015) -- The V206 features the NP-21 and NP-21L, the world's smallest original plugs that are perfect to save space and lighten the pedalboard. The patented "Loosening Prevention" feature helps prevent loosening the plug cap from slight vibration while traveling and reduce the risk of having troubles.

Providence cables are designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of leading artists, both on stage and in the studio. Know-how acquired through extensive experience in the field is exhaustively and effectively applied in every product we make. Just as there are a wide variety of musical genres, each player has unique personal sonic preferences. Providence creates cables to meet the widest possible range of musical needs while continuously working on new technology and innovations that will forge the sounds of the future.

V206 Patch Cable's Characteristics The V206 is the 4th Platinum Link series model and it celebrates Providence's 20th anniversary.

A VLK1 OFC conductor and tin-plated super-high-density braided shield plus carbon-impregnated conductive vinyl sheath result in a thin, flexible cable that offers excellent electromagnetic noise rejection. Picking nuances come through with clarity in an overall sound that is tight and powerful.

The NP-21 and NP-21L, the world's smallest original plugs are perfect to save space and lighten the pedalboard. This cable is also reliable as it's already soldered by our experienced craftsman.

"Loosening Prevention" feature was developed based on the idea that Artists can focus on performance without any stress will prevent loosening plugs that may occur while traveling.

  • When developing a new Providence cable we always thoroughly test a variety of plug and solder combinations and select the one that best suits the sound we are trying to achieve.
  • Connector plating also affects the sound, so gold or nickel plating is selected according to the specific tonality we are aiming for.
  • 6.3 mm plug shafts that just fit the majority of phone jacks are used to minimize the possibility of accidental unplugging, while maintaining maximum contact over the greatest possible area for superior sound.
  • Original Providence L-plugs feature a 91°angle (registered utility model) that allows easier connection to angled pedal chassis such as those often seen in wah pedals.
  • Nickel plating is selected for NP-21 and NP-21L plugs.

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