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Rig Rundown: Scary Pockets' Ryan Lerman
Rig Rundown: Scary Pockets' Ryan Lerman

A hot-rodded Melody Maker, a pair of Deluxe Reverbs, and a custom-built ’board power this funk funhouse.

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An extreme version of their hugely popular Dwarf Bass mini-pedal.

London, UK (August 18, 2017) -- Rainger FX guitar pedals is releasing an extreme version of their hugely popular Dwarf Bass mini-pedal, adding the best of the bleep 8-bit sounding glitch weirdness first seen in the Dwarf Bleep pedal for guitarists.

Housed in their custom designed mini-pedal enclosure, the Dwarf Bleep Bass has all of the full-on fuzz ferocity of the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz, but with a low frequency enhancement for a bass. Utilizing the double sided pressure sensitive expression pad “Igor”, the final decay of a note can be degraded into rhythmical bleep meltdown, the speed adjusted by a trimpot through the baseplate, and pitch controlled in real-time by Igor.

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