Rainger FX Introduces the Reverb-X

The digital reverb companion to the company's Echo-X mini delay.

London, UK (January 19, 2018) -- Rainger FX guitar pedals will be releasing the Reverb-X mini-pedal (based on the FV-1 reverb chip), the digital reverb companion to their Echo-X mini delay pedal.

With up to 6 seconds of reverb on tap, the Reverb-X features a post-reverb overdrive circuit giving a whole new dimension of sound possibilities to the user. From clean to gritty, or full-on overload, the Reverb-X gives a huge variety of reverb possibilities, while keeping the input signal unchanged. The Reverb-X includes a noise gate to keep noise to a minimum – or to create dramatic gated effects.

A modern take on '80s gated reverb, the UK-built Reverb-X is both flexible and expressive without taking up that precious space on a pedalboard. The Reverb-X Features:

  • Crystalline or dark sounding reverb, with versatility to go between “live bootleg” reverb, mellotron textures, fully burnt-out spacerock atmospherics, and smouldering ambiences
  • Dramatic “edited guitar sample” effects
  • A “Distn” control dials in desired amounts of distorted reverb
  • Rainger FX’s unique styling and mini-pedal enclosure with top mounted sockets!
  • ‘Input’ knob and ‘Overload’ LED for optimum performance
  • Igor dual sensitivity pressure pad (included) controlling the Rainger FX ‘send’ expression facility on-the-fly
  • Graphics by NYC based designer Rich DiMaio

Street price $193, Available from select dealers or from www.raingerfx.com directly.

For more information:
Rainger FX

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