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RaingerFX Announces the Minibar

RaingerFX Announces the Minibar

An experimental new design that changes sound based on what liquid you pour into it.

London, UK (February 11, 2020) -- Rainger FX guitar pedals are inviting guitarists to take part in an experiment in tone-shaping discovery, by unveiling the Minibar, a liquid analyser stompbox. This mini pedal makes no sound at all until you pour liquid into it – any kind at all - and the various qualities of that liquid decide the properties of the resulting guitar sound. What you use is entirely up to you – any sort of mixture you can dream up!

The pedal is simplicity itself. It has a volume knob and a small watertight container mounted in the top panel; unscrew the lid, get pouring – and analyse! Then, when you’ve got your own unique sound, screw the lid on tightly and you’re ready to go.

There are certain chemical properties that decide how well a fluid electrically conducts the guitar signal, and this in turn governs the amount – and to some degree the quality – of the overdrive. Anything from a light grit to chunky intensity or ragged burn.

Also, light is shone through the sample, and how well it passes through (the opacity) gives the amount of treble and bass. The Minibar often has a deeply satisfying bandpass tone to it – adjustable from dark bassy thrum to high zing – with plenty of satisfying harmonics and plectrum ‘cluck’ on the way.


  • Cutting-edge UK innovation
  • Interactivity like no other pedal – use your imagination to sculpt your tone
  • Tasty mirrored-finish
  • Green ‘analysing’ LED showing what’s happening
  • Rainger FX custom mini-pedal enclosure – with no sockets on the side!

Street price $159.

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