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Rainger FX Releases the Deep Space Pulsar

Rainger FX Releases the Deep Space Pulsar

An effect that makes the guitar and drums "pump" together.

London, UK (March 20, 2017) -- Rainger FX guitar pedals have released the latest in their series of custom mini-pedals: the Deep Space Pulsar sidechainer, designed to put deep spaces in your sound!

While "side-chaining" a guitar signal—syncing it to dip in volume with each kick drum—is often done in the recording studio during mixdown, for the first time now it’s possible to do this in real-time, live, with full control – and sync it to a drum machine, DJ or live drummer.

An effect that makes the guitar and drums ‘pump’ together, the UK-built Deep Space Pulsar can do anything from spring-loaded rock rhythm guitar, to pulsing four-on-the-floor club sounds. This tiny but revolutionary analogue audio pedal comes ready for immediate use, the package including;

  • Correctable tap tempo capable of syncing for minutes at a time, tempo input via a Rainger FX ‘Igor’ pressure pad
  • A microphone that goes in your drummer’s kick drum to also trigger the effect
  • Controls for the amount of dip and speed of release
  • Rainger FX’s unique styling and mini-pedal enclosure (with no side sockets!)
  • Very cool LED display showing the dip amount and release speed
  • ‘Invert’ switch to do exactly the opposite (releasing a pulse of sound with each drum beat)

Street price $182, available from select dealers or from directly.

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