zakk wylde

Includes Spark MINI amp hand-signed by Wylde, custom Black Label Society "Skully" grille, and original tone presets created to emulate the Black Label Society founder, and current Pantera touring guitarist. Only 100 made.

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The ferociously fleet-fingered fretman unveils his new line of guitars, talks about achieving roadrunner speed and composing solos, and delves into his second solo album, Book of Shadows II.

Wylde says his Epiphone Masterbilt acoustics “play like Les Pauls. The action is phenomenal.” Photo by Justin Reich

Over the course of six weeks—just prior to the release of his latest album, Book of Shadows II—Zakk Wylde rocked the house at an after-party at the NAMM show in Anaheim, California, with Zakk Sabbath (a Black Sabbath cover band he threw together), was a featured artist alongside Yngwie Malmsteen and Marty Friedman on the guitar-dominated Axes & Anchors cruise, and took part in his third Experience Hendrix tour. This wasn’t a fluke, lottery-win streak for the New Jersey-born axeman. It seems like every waking moment of Wylde’s life has been a nonstop rollercoaster ride since he first shook the earth on Ozzy Osbourne’s 1988 album, No Rest for the Wicked.

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With an enviable collection of vintage Marshall heads and cabinets behind him, Yngwie Malmsteen fired off his groundbreaking brand of neo-classical shred during his performance in the Caribbean Theater. Photo by Annie Atlasman

Aboard an unforgettable floating workshop featuring Zakk, Yngwie, Bumblefoot, Skolnick, Friedman, and a few thousand guitar nerds.

On a windy pool deck somewhere off the coast of Florida, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal rips into the galloping riff of Ozzy’s “I Don’t Know” with his gold Vigier doubleneck. As the opening track from the Black Sabbath frontman’s 1980 landmark solo debut, Blizzard of Ozz, the choice is fitting, since the song marked the first time many guitarists were floored by Randy Rhoads’ nimble-fingered leads and dynamite riffs. Right now, it’s also the kick-off for a set by drummer Brian Tichy’s Randy Rhoads Remembered ensemble.On the first night of the inaugural voyage of the Axes & Anchors cruise, it soon becomes hard to tell if the slightly tilting motion is coming from the ocean waves or the throngs of fans rocking in rhythm to some of Ozzy’s greatest hits.

Unlike other music-themed cruises, A&A was designed to appeal more to musicians than fans. Organizer Ann Squire had the idea for the cruise several years ago on a road trip to Colorado to see Queensrÿche.

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