zz top

The prominent session guitarist lived the dream at the top of the charts, and he can tell you all about it on his YouTube channel.

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A behind-the-scenes look at eight of the most remarkable pedal collections we’ve seen in quite some time.

Best Coast

Bobb Bruno and Bethany Cosentino

Perhaps even more so than his former roommate, Nels Cline, Best Coast’s Bobb Bruno has a definite affinity for stompboxes. His board takes advantage of offerings from a slew of boutique outfits—including a couple of custom pedals whose aesthetics are as interesting as their tones—and his taste in pedals has also guided what front woman Bethany Cosentino stomps on.

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Learn a few secrets about how the king of Texas boogie-rock combines attitude with soul.

Chops: Intermediate
Theory: Beginner
Lesson Overview:
• Understand how to focus on chord tones in your phrases.
• Learn the subtle art of understated slide guitar.
• Develop a more laid-back feel.

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ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons has been cutting records and touring the world for almost 50 years, and as a result his name and massive beard have become almost synonymous with Texas blues-rock guitar. Gibbons has never been a fast player, nor has he relied on blazing technique to connect with the audience, but if you’re looking for tips and tricks to take your blues playing to the next level, there’s much to learn from the Rev. In the pursuit of scales, arpeggios, and tricky theory, it’s all too easy to lose your connection with phrasing, timing, vibrato, and tone. Gibbons has these essential qualities in spades.

From his Texas blues roots to the disco influence of the ’80s, Gibbons has explored different sounds over the decades. He even dipped his toes into Cuban waters on his recent solo album, Perfectamundo. For this lesson we’ll turn to the absolutely timeless Eliminator. Released in 1983, it has a definite dance edge, thanks to the drums and production, but the riffs are still as blues-rock as they come.

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