Tapestry Audio announces a new device to synch your time-based effects.

Sarasota, FL (June 24, 2013) -- With giants in the industry creating variation after variation of the same effects pedals, Tapestry Audio's revolutionary product The Time Traveler is soon to become a standard in every guitarist pedal chain. 

Designed, engineered, and constructed by musicians, The Time Traveler is the world's first auxiliary BPM synronization pedal that unifies a guitarist's pedal board by sending preprogrammed BPM presets to any pedal with an external tap tempo jack. With it's simple design and functionality it disappears into the background- the model of addition by subtraction.


  • Up to 10 programmable presets
  • "Dial" or "Tap" tempos into presets
  • Sync delay, tremolo, slicer and any other pedals with external footswitch capability
  • Hand machined and wired construction
  • Compatible with brand and boutique pedals
  • Intuitive interface for easy real time adjustments
  • Standard DC input

The Time Traveler carries a suggested retail price of $199.00.

For more information:
Tapestry Audio

Jack Broadbent on John Lee Hooker | Hooked

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Diatonic sequences are powerful tools. Here’s how to use them wisely.



• Understand how to map out the neck in seven positions.
• Learn to combine legato and picking to create long phrases.
• Develop a smooth attack—even at high speeds.

{u'media': u'[rebelmouse-document-pdf 13574 site_id=20368559 original_filename="7Shred-Jan22.pdf"]', u'file_original_url': u'https://roar-assets-auto.rbl.ms/documents/13574/7Shred-Jan22.pdf', u'type': u'pdf', u'id': 13574, u'media_html': u'7Shred-Jan22.pdf'}
Knowing how to function in different keys is crucial to improvising in any context. One path to fretboard mastery is learning how to move through positions across the neck. Even something as simple as a three-note-per-string major scale can offer loads of options when it’s time to step up and rip. I’m going to outline seven technical sequences, each one focusing on a position of a diatonic major scale. This should provide a fun workout for the fingers and hopefully inspire a few licks of your own.
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