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Tapestry Audio Unveils Time Traveler BPM Syncronization Pedal

Tapestry Audio announces a new device to synch your time-based effects.

Sarasota, FL (June 24, 2013) -- With giants in the industry creating variation after variation of the same effects pedals, Tapestry Audio's revolutionary product The Time Traveler is soon to become a standard in every guitarist pedal chain. 

Designed, engineered, and constructed by musicians, The Time Traveler is the world's first auxiliary BPM synronization pedal that unifies a guitarist's pedal board by sending preprogrammed BPM presets to any pedal with an external tap tempo jack. With it's simple design and functionality it disappears into the background- the model of addition by subtraction.


  • Up to 10 programmable presets
  • "Dial" or "Tap" tempos into presets
  • Sync delay, tremolo, slicer and any other pedals with external footswitch capability
  • Hand machined and wired construction
  • Compatible with brand and boutique pedals
  • Intuitive interface for easy real time adjustments
  • Standard DC input

The Time Traveler carries a suggested retail price of $199.00.

For more information:
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