Risskov, Denmark (September 24, 2012) – TC Electronic is proud to announce a custom Guitar Center version of their smash hit Corona Chorus pedal: Gravy Tri-Chorus & Vibrato. Gravy has

Risskov, Denmark (September 24, 2012) – TC Electronic is proud to announce a custom Guitar Center version of their smash hit Corona Chorus pedal: Gravy Tri-Chorus & Vibrato. Gravy has all of the features that made Corona Chorus one of the most popular chorus pedals out today, but its iconic Tri-chorus and Chorus setting are now custom tuned by Guitar Center’s Director of Merchandise Barry Mitchell - an accomplished guitarist and one of the industry’s foremost tone gurus. Gravy Chorus and Tri-chorus is available exclusively through Guitar Center and Musicians Friend, beginning September 21st, 2012.

The two exclusive sounds Barry provided for Gravy Chorus and Tri-chorus revolve around the great tones that can be found within classic chorus settings. His first sound was a take on the massively popular Tri-Chorus setting as found on Corona Chorus, tweaked for maximum fatness. Harkening back to an old-school tone, this is more of a retro take on Corona Chorus, resulting in a sound that will please even the most tone-conscious guitarist.

Barry’s second sound takes its roots from a vibrato effect that aims at a classic pitch warble but increases the speed to end up smack-dab in the middle of Leslie-type tones.

“Asking Barry back for another round of sounds was a no-brainer to me,” says Tore Mogensen, TC Electronic Business Manager for Guitar, and adds: “Barry’s TonePrints are super popular, but I first noticed he had something special when I brought a Transition Delay back to TC HQ and people just could not stop playing with it. It showed me that the Barry’s deep understanding of tone and sounds could make people who are around guitar gear 24/7 sit up and take notice and just want to jam. Barry adds value to something already great, and that’s rare. That’s when I knew we had to continue working together.”

Barry Mitchell, Guitar Center’s Director of Merchandise continues: “TC Electronic products have historically done well in Guitar Center. I think they sound great and think the TonePrint concept where people in the industry give back by doing a signature version of a TC effect is great. Transition Delay was such a positive experience that when Tore asked me if I was interested in doing more sounds, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes. I believe we’re onto something that helps guitarists forward. Dialing in these sounds was a lot of fun, but I think it’s nothing compared to the fun guitarists will have exploring the possibilities of Gravy.”

Gravy Tri-Chorus & Vibrato Main Features
• Two exclusive effects in one pedal tuned by Barry Mitchell
• TonePrint enabled
• Stereo in & out - for added flexibility to your set-up
• True Bypass - zero loss of tone
• Analog-Dry-Through - maximum tonal integrity and clarity
• Easy battery access - makes changing batteries fun! (well, almost)
• Small footprint - saves precious pedalboard space
• High quality components - only the best will do when it comes to tone
• Road-ready design - ready to follow you wherever your playing takes you

Street: $149.99 USD

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