PolyTune Noir is available as an exclusive limited run on October 15th

Risskov, Denmark (October 7, 2012) – Electronic revealed the world’s smallest polyphonic tuner: PolyTune Mini - the tuner that will fit on any pedal board. Now, TC is proud to introduce PolyTune Noir, an exclusive, customized version in the most rock’n’roll colors of all: black! PolyTune Noir is available as an exclusive limited run on October 15th (U.S. October 26th) and retails at EUR 79 SSP, GBP 62 SSP or USD 89,99 MAP.

Still reeling from the success of the original PolyTune and PolyTune MIni, guitarists everywhere connected with tuners like never before. Due to the intense connection between TC and the guitar community, plenty of feedback was given on the revolutionary trailblazers that came before PolyTune Noir. The number one request: “When can I get a customized black one?” The answer is: now.

PolyTune Noir is based on the exact same technology as the original PolyTune and PolyTune Mini, so like its brothers it shows the tuning state of all strings simultaneously by simply strumming the guitar, allowing guitarists to get back to playing in a matter of seconds.

Just like the original PolyTune and PolyTune Mini, PolyTune Noir is among the most precise tuners in the world, tuning with +/- 0.5 cent precision in chromatic mode and +/- 1 cent accuracy in polyphonic mode. Also, it automatically switches between chromatic and polyphonic modes depending on whether all strings are strummed at once or each string is picked individually. Finally, PolyTune Noir features Drop-D and Capo modes as well as True Bypass for zero tone coloration and a super-bright LED display with the same amount of LEDs as the original PolyTune.

PolyTune Noir Main Features
• Black
• Ultra-small Footprint – Will Fit on Any Pedal Board
• PolyTune – Tune All Strings Simultaneously
• +/- 0.5 Cent Tuning Accuracy
• True Bypass w/ Silent Tuning
• Super-bright LED Display
• Up to 5 Semitones Flat Tunings
• Drop-D and Capo Tuning

USD 89.99 MAP

October 15, 2012 (U.S. October 26)

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