TC Electronic Announces the Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo

The Alter Ego X4 features 12 different delays, four TonePrints slots, and a 30-second looper.

Risskov, Denmark (June 17, 2014) -- There's nothing better than the sound of tape-echo machines in the morning! Those spacious, warbly and sweet saturated sounds have helped shape rock music through the ages, and we must admit that we simply can't get enough of them here at TC. When we discovered that the people at ProGuitarShop shared our unparalleled love for delay, we simply knew we had to create something together. This resulted in the Alter Ego Delay, which with its amazing sounds modelled after the old Binson Echorec, and the Deluxe Memory Man became an instant smash-hit!

Now we've decided to take it all a step further by developing nothing short of a vintage vibed delay monster that will be sure to satisfy your craving for lovely lush and crinkly delay tones.

Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo contains no less than 12 exclusive delay tones tuned to perfection by the echo experts at ProGuitarShop and TC Electronic. The 12 delays cover the entire tone gamut of the most legendary echo machines around. So whether you're searching for that ambient Space Echo sound, the iconic crisp and saturated EchoPlex tone, the distinctive magnetic drum delays of the Binson Echorec or a unique modulated take on TC's very own 2290 delay, you will find it and much more in the Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo. Heck, if we didn't know any better we would be sure that this pedal contained moving parts.

Besides all of the amazing new sounds, the Alter Ego X4 Vintage Echo also features all the things that made the original Flashback X4 such a killer delay. Namely four TonePrint slots, three programmable presets, a 30-second looper, stereo in/outs, MIDI programmability and you can even control any delay parameter via the expression pedal input. So plug in, and get ready for delay nirvana!

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