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TC Electronic Introduces RS115 Bass Cabinet

A 600-watt cabinet with a 15" driver.

Risskov, Denmark (September 10, 2015) -- TC Electronic announces RS115, the latest addition to their line-up of high quality bass cabinets.

Since birth, the RS bass cabinet series has been synonymous with amazingly warm and well-defined bass tones. Now with the addition of the RS115, TC Electronic is set to round off the series with some serious low-end thunder.

This 8ohm and 600W cabinet features a warm and deep sounding 15" driver, custom made for TC Electronic by US speaker specialists Eminence. All of this is housed in a highly durable construction, that's built to pair perfectly with other RS cabinets via TC's vertical stacking concept.

For instance, the RS115 works great together with an RS212 for a balanced mix of highs that cut and bass that rocks, or it can be paired with an RS410 for that classic gut-punching tone that's sure to shake the stage.


  • Custom high-quality 15" Eminence driver
  • 8ohm and 600w
  • Dual SpeakON connectors
  • Rugged road-worthy design
  • Vertical stacking

Finally there's a sonic solution for all the weekend warriors and pro musicians who want the bass, the whole bass and nothing but the bass. Its name is RS115.

Available: mid to late September 2015 Price: $599.99 US Estimated Price / £450 UK SSP / 599 € EUR SSP

Watch the company's demo video:

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