An easy way to add depth and heaviness to your riffs and solos.

Risskov, Denmark (September 13, 2016) -- TC Electronic's new Mimiq Doubler is the first pedal ever to offer musicians authentic studio-grade doubling.

With its proprietary doubling algorithm, Mimiq Doubler perfectly recreates the random yet subtle changes in time, pitch, and attack that occur when double tracking in the studio. Finally letting musicians access those larger-than-life recorded tones live on stage through their pedalboards.

From bone-crushing quad-tracked riffs ala Metallica to sizzling triple-tracked lead lines ala Randy Rhodes and anywhere in between, it's all possible with Mimiq Doubler.

Mimiq Doubler can add up to three extra tracks for a world of high-quality doubling tones. And with Stereo I/O thrown into the mix, musicians can go from subtle tone-fattening to head-spinningly huge sounds in no time at all.

The Tightness control defines how tight the doubling is. From almost superhumanly tight tracking to a more loose and laid-back performance.

Watch the company's demo:

Available: September 1st in Europe and September 1st in the US

Price: $129.99 US / €129 EU

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TC Electronic

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