TC Electronic Releases the Hall of Fame 2 Reverb

The latest version uses MASH, a new kind of footswitch.

Risskov, Denmark (May 26, 2017) -- In the age of the internet, it is difficult to keep secrets. Good secrets doubly so. That’s probably why the web has been awash with speculations regarding TC Electronic’s Hall Of Fame 2, after it prematurely popped up online a few weeks back.

Shimmer needs satisfied

With the Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb, TC Electronic is turning a page in its long history of sterling quality reverbs.

Following in the footsteps of its successful predecessor, the new edition of the red reverb pedal boasts a Shimmer reverb in addition to its already legendary arsenal of reverb sounds.

By using the acclaimed polyphonic octave algorithm from their Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver, TC Electronic has cross-pollinated two of their most popular pedals for a lush shimmer effect that blooms behinds every note. But Shimmer is just the tip of the iceberg.

Lean on me

The evolutionary leap that really sets the Hall Of Fame 2 aside is MASH: A new type of footswitch that reacts to pressure. The more you lean on the switch, the more intense the effect.

“Think of the wah and whammy pedal as perfect examples of what controlling effect parameters in real-time can do,” says Guitar Product Manager at TC Electronic, Tore Mogensen, adding

“The problem up until now has been that expression pedals are big and bulky. Who has space for eight Crybaby-size pedals on their boards?”

Tailor your footswitch

But the guys at TC didn't just settle for a potently distilled expression pedal,

“With MASH, an incredibly creative tool is suddenly built into a totally regular size enclosure,” Mogensen continues, “and with the TonePrint technology thrown into the mix, the sonic potential is just mind-boggling.”

The TonePrint technology makes MASH fully controllable from the free TonePrint Editor, giving you the ability to decide which parameter of the reverb that MASH affects. The decay, tone, volume – anything you want.

In fact, using the Editor, you can make MASH control three variables at once and determine how each of them are going to react individually. “My hope is that these sonic possibilities will inspire musicians to create awesome new music for us all to enjoy!”

MASH at a glance

  • An expression pedal in the shape of a regular footswitch
  • Pressure sensitive technology lets you “weigh in” on the effect
  • TonePrint makes it possible to assign any parameter to MASH
  • Stack up to three parameters on the switch at once for unheard creative freedom

Available: Now

Price: $ 149.99 MAP

For more information:
TC Electronic

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