Tone Electronix Releases the Animalizzer

A handmade overdrive/fuzz with two clipping stages along with silicon and germanium options.

Portugal (December 15, 2020) -- European boutique builder Tone Electronix has introduced its newest pedal, the Animalizzer. A supremely versatile overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedal, the Anamilizzer is hand-crafted in Portugal and offers guitarists an array of options for fine-tuning their preferred flavor of mayhem.

In addition to providing controls for five standard functions – Volume, Fuzz, Treble, Mid and Bass – the pedal offers three knobs and a 3-position toggle switch for carefully sculpting the pedal’s voice. The effect can range from mild overdrive to scorching fuzz, and everything in between.

The Animalizzer comprises:

  • Pregain knob controls the input signal before going into the stages
  • Depth knob is the first tone-shaping process, controlling how much low frequency is allowed to pass
  • 2 clipping stages immediately after the BOOST stage and before the EQ stage
  • Stage I is a toggle switch with 3 clipping options: Si, LED and Open
  • Stage II is a rotary switch with 4 clipping options: Si, Ge, LED and Open
  • Equalization – treble, mid and bass -- will shape the final frequency response

The Animalizzer pedal is available for €220 on the Tone Electronix site

For more information:
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