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Tone Tubby Introduces the Winterland Ceramic Magnet Speaker

Tone Tubby Introduces the Winterland Ceramic Magnet Speaker

Premium-quality hempcone speakers for electric and acoustic amps.

Haight Ashbury, California (January 7, 2016) --Tone Tubby, licensed distributor of premium-quality hempcone speakers for acoustic and electric instrument amplification, announced, today, the introduction and distribution of their new Winterland 12-inch, 30-watt-rated ceramic magnet guitar and acoustic instrument amplifier speaker.

Named after the legendary San Francisco concert hall, the Tone Tubby Winterland delivers the clean, dynamically uncompressed and articulate tone of the classic ceramic-magnet, high-power-handling speakers of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, with modern refinements like its hemp driver cone and soft dome that provide a smoothness and harmonic richness unavailable from conventional paper cone material.

The Winterland sounds articulate, clear and nuanced when played clean and delivers a cutting yet full-bodied tone when played hard or used with overdriven tube amps or overdrive, distortion or fuzz pedals. It’s available in 8-ohm and 16-ohm models.

"Our new Winterland is the perfect speaker for players who want to maintain the distinct sonic personality of their guitar, amp, or rig with the touch sensitivity only a custom-designed hemp cone and ceramic magnet can produce," said Charlie Shapiro, Tone Tubby Technical Marketing Specialist. "The speaker has a rich low end and a midrange peak and a touch of upper-midrange emphasis that add presence."

"When driven hard, the Winterland speaker does not compress with magnet dynamics. Instead, it generates cone overdrive," Shapiro noted. "The custom-designed hemp cone remains stable, which virtually eliminates cone cry, thus making the Winterland ideal for guitarists who use a dynamic picking attack to move notes from semi-clean to overdriven."

The Winterland has a high 101.3dB sensitivity, adding to its dynamic responsiveness and making it a great choice for both low-powered amps that can benefit from greater volume and headroom to large stacks that crank out arena-volume SPL.

"In particular this is a great speaker for playing with overdrive," said Shapiro. "The Winterland really lets the personality of an overdriven amp or overdrive pedal to be heard with amazing distinctiveness and pleasing harmonic texture. The Winterland has the ability to cut through a dense band mix and declare its space perfectly in the mix."

Price: $215

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