Tone Tubby Speakers Announces the Purple Haze

The speaker features a new, proprietary-tuned hemp cone and a 32 oz. alnico magnet.

Haight Ashbury, CA (May 19, 2015) -- Lately things, they don't sound the same in San Francisco! Tone Tubby, licensed distributor of premium-quality hempcone speakers for acoustic and electric instrument amplification, announced, today, the introduction and distribution of their new Purple Haze 12-inch, 40-watt-rated alnico magnet guitar and acoustic instrument amplifier speaker.

Available in 8-ohm and 16-ohm models, the Purple Haze adds a new sonic color that further expands Tone Tubby's hempcone line. It features a new, proprietary tuned hemp cone and a 32 oz. alnico magnet. The speaker has a full, articulate, detailed clear midrange texture. These qualities bring out every nuance of a player's touch and picking expression when played. The speaker when played clean is clear and sweet, and, when played pushed with overdrive/distortion pedals or an amplifier has a beautiful singing voice.

"The Purple Haze is an ideal speaker for players who want every aspect of their playing style and technique to come through the speaker, from the most subtle variations of pick and finger attack to full bore singing sustain," said Charlie Shapiro, Tone Tubby Technical Marketing Specialist. "It combines the clarity and definition of the classic guitar and instrument speakers with the sweetness of an alnico magnet design, without a trace of harshness that is present with metal-dome speakers."

"You can easily and immediately hear every variation in how the strings are fingered and picked," Shapiro continued. "The differences between overdrive/distortion pedals you previously thought sounded similar are now highlighted. The harmonic complexity of reverb, delay, and modulation effects are revealed through the character of the decay tails and the sonic characteristic of the speaker's fade-to-black quality."

"The Purple Haze gives back whatever you put into it. It is a speaker that will reward the most demanding player. And you can muck it up beautifully with effects."

Brad Sarno of Sarno Music Solutions states, "Playing through the Purple Haze may be one of the best guitar tones I've ever gotten, ever. It has the general feel and clarity of the K120, with a similar and familiar low end, midrange, and top end that is clear and detailed. There is nothing else like this speaker out there." "Kudos to the design team at Tone Tubby, Wow, seriously, wow."

Early adopters of the Purple Haze speaker technology include Trey Anastasio of Phish.

The Tone Tubby Purple Haze guitar amp speaker is currently available at a suggested retail price of $375.

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