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Tools for the Task: Pedalboard Percussion

Put those feet to work and lay down some solid beats to accompany your playing.

If you’re a solo guitarist looking to add some rhythm to your set or phase out the drummers in your life, the 10 foot-governed percussion devices here can bring a fun, totally new component to your pedalboard dance.

With over 200 songs in 24 genres available right out of the box, players can create a convincing live-drummer effect—including fills, breaks, and transitions—through a guitar-pedal format.


This practice, writing, and performance tool with a built-in looper listens to your guitar and instantly churns out drum (and bass) parts to accompany your playing.


Acoustic Foot Operated Drum Pack

Go all-out with this double-head kick/snare combo that includes drums with Keller maple shells and Evans heads, plus the snare-riser stand.


6 Pedal FootDrum

This setup brings the core basics of a drum kit—kick, snare, and hi-hat—plus two auxiliary pedals for added rhythmic possibilities or bringing in additional percussion instruments.


Horse Kick Pro

This digital stompbox features five different percussive samples, solid sapele housing, a comfortable ergonomic design for foot tapping, and a volume control.



The high-output, piezo-loaded Prolog boasts solid sapele construction, a very low-angled top for stomping comfort, and a heel board that facilitates backbeats with your heel.


FX Pedal

This oak-and-steel box houses 10 different sound options from kick drum to hand clap to cowbell—all reachable through a click of the footswitch.


Stompy Stomp

Crafted from hardwood, this stompbox is sized right for a pedalboard, pairs nicely with a looper pedal, and has a convenient top-side volume dial.



This sturdy aluminum box with adjustable sensitivity was designed for foot or hand operation and offers a dozen sounds that are easily accessed via the rotary dial.


SH Stompin’Bass

This stomp unit with a removable footrest extension is constructed from select rosewood and delivers deep and full percussive bass drum to your sound through its active Shadow NanoMAG pickup.