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Trinalog Introduces the Effect Station

The compact analog multi-effect system takes the pain and complexity out of pedalboards and provides a tone station that is small enough to fit in your backpack.

Taipei, Taiwan (March 13, 2018) -- Slated for release this June, the Trinalog Effects Station is a compact analog multi-effect system that takes the pain out of complex pedalboards. Through careful miniaturization, the engineers at Trinalog Inc. have created an analog pedalboard that is small enough to fit in your backpack, but still has all the flexibility and character of a traditional system!

They have achieved this by shrinking your favorite tones into pocket-sized analog cartridges which plug directly into the base station. Once the effect cartridges are inserted, the musician can route their signal through them in any way they want using a Bluetooth mobile app.

Highlights include:

  • Sockets for up to eight independent analog effect cartridges.
  • Compact 1 foot by ½ foot form factor, fits in your gig bag or instrument case.
  • Easy tone tweaking with any Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet.
  • External effect loop to include existing pedals at any point in the signal path.
  • Expression pedal input which can be mapped to unlimited analog effect parameters.
  • Preset storage and switching directly on the base station pedal, no external devices required.

The Effects Station and four analog effect cartridges will be priced at $600 USD via Indiegogo this June!

Watch the company's demo:

For more information:
Trinalog Effects Station