Tritonlab Unveils the Labyrinth

A two-channel dirt box that features JFET clipping.

Tallinn, Estonia (May 29, 2018) -- Tritonlab company has released a new device - Labyrinth - two-channel overdrive/distortion pedal.

Unique circuitry solutions that simulate the behavior of a vacuum tube in tube amplifiers will make your guitar sound differently. You get a warm tube sound, saturated with even harmonics.

Distortion has two knobs for setting the gain: pre-gain and post-gain. Using different positions of these pens, you can get a lot of options for sounding your guitar - from light overload, rich in even harmonics, to a heavy roar.

Overdrive is built somewhat different schema and offers the musician lighter overdrive, and other tonal color.

Using JFET technology - is a warm tube sound with soft clipping and low noise level. The external supply voltage of 9 V is converted to an operating voltage inside the pedal to 33 V. This has made it possible to achieve good dynamics (headroom).


  • Classical passive 3-band Marshall tone stack + presence knob
  • Die-cast aluminum cases offer unprecedented durability
  • Two footswitchable channels: Overdrive and Distortion
  • True bypass on/off switch
  • 9-volt external power supply and standard DC input

The Labyrinth pedal carry street prices of €160. They’re can be purchased directly from the Tritonlab online store at

For more information:

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