TSVG Releases the Slow Ride OD/Fuzz Pedal

Philadelphia-based TSVG Pedals announces a new germanium fuzz pedal, the Slow Ride.

Philadelphia, PA (May 31, 2013) -- Adding to the company’s well-established line of point to point effects pedals, TSVG pedals has unveiled the new Slow Ride OD/Fuzz. Offering a warm, full bodied germanium fuzz tone, the Slow Ride pushes the boundaries of sustain and harmonic feedback. The Slow Ride features a “thickening” control – a 2-position switch for changing the effect’s voicing from “high end scream” to “full bodied, mid-range growl.”

The Slow Ride follows on the heels of TSVG’s successful release of the Angry Jeff and Keystone Fuzz boxes. Dial back the Attack control for creamy tube overdrive. Roll it up and surround yourself in fuzz that just won’t quit. With unmatchable sustain and tone in mind, TSVG Pedals has created an effect perfect for every guitarist’s board.


  • Point to point wiring
  • AC128 GE transistors, Mullard “Tropical Fish” capacitors, IRC resistors
  • Independent Volume and Attack controls
  • 2-way switch to control fuzz “Thickness”
  • Top quality hardware: Alpha pots, Switchcraft jacks, cloth covered wire
  • True bypass switching

TSVG Pedals are built by hand in Philadelphia, PA. Suggested retail price for the Slow Ride OD/Fuzz is $200.

For more information:
TSVG Pedals

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