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Top 10 Big 5 Interviews of 2021

This year we uncovered that Billy Gibbons X-rayed his hands, John 5 celebrated his unsung guitar hero, and why Tommy Shaw has beef with the guitar industry. Now see our most memorable chats from 2021.

10. Red Fang's David Sullivan

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The sludge-metal aficionado takes the mic on Teles, "Holy Grails," and how he stays chill in the spotlight.

9. Megadeth’s David Ellefson

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Metal's bass icon on his Jackson's P-pickup mod, Kiss' 'Destroyer,' and the owner of his lonely '80s heart.

8. Blackberry Smoke's Charlie Starr

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The Southern-rock ringleader opens up about his vintage-refin No. 1 and not letting trolls get him down.

7. John 5 on How He Gets Old-School Tones from His Metal-Friendly Tele

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Plus, find out which guitar hero the Rob Zombie sideman “begs and pleads” with you to listen to.

6. Steve Stevens

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Billy Idol’s trusted sideman digs deep on classic prog and even gets a little zen as he takes on our questions.

5. Yngwie Malmsteen

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How does the same answer apply to three of our five questions? Everyone's favorite sweep-picking Swede loves going against the grain—that's how!

4. Billy F. Gibbons

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The ZZ Top legend on what makes his "Pearly Gates" Les Paul so special, why he recently had his hands x-rayed, and the "slithering" slide guitarist whose work still inspires him.

3. John Petrucci

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The Dream Theater legend shares surprising desert-island-album and guitar-hero picks, and remembers finally saying "screw it " to self-consciousness about his "super nerdy" secret weapon.

2. Warren Haynes Reveals His Secret Studio Weapon

Premier Guitar …And it's not his vintage Les Paul. Plus, the Gov't Mule mainstay "cheats" on his desert-island album pick.

1. Styx’s Tommy Shaw on What Irks Him About the Guitar Industry

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Plus, how he cried the day Wes Montgomery died, and the surprise family connection with his prized '54 Tele.