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VOX Amplification Announces the Lil' Looper

This floor effects unit contains two independent loops and two foot pedals

Frankfurt, Germany (March 21, 2012) -- VOX Amplification announces its new Lil' Looper Multi Effect Pedal. The Lil' Looper provides looping features and high quality effects for guitarists and singers at an attractive price point. This floor effects unit contains two independent loops and two foot pedals, which allow for real time control of the loops.

Two loops can be recorded independently and layered infinitely, enabling more complex loop performances with no loss of fidelity. Overdubbing features include last-step undo and redo. The Loop Quantize feature will automatically quantize loops on the beat, as well as sync two loops to the same tempo.

Twelve types of effects are built-in, each offering numerous options. There are standard effects such as wah and delay, and unique effects such as pitch shifting and stutter, as well as bass and acoustic guitar simulators. In addition to guitar effects, some effects are designed for use with a microphone as well.

The built-in metronome can provide a rhythmic guide; Auto Recording allows an audio signal to trigger loops, eliminating the need to hit record.

The Lil' Looper is compact, lightweight, battery operated, and provides a headphone output; making it possible to create loop performances anywhere.

The VOX Lil' Looper multi-effect pedal will be available summer 2012 for a U.S. Street price of $159.99.

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