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Warwick Unveils 2018 Bass Lineup

Warwick Unveils 2018 Bass Lineup

The new models includes Custom Shop Masterbuilt Idolmaker models, Streamer Stage I LTD, Streamer LX LTD, and more.

Markneukirchen, Germany (February 7, 2018) -- This year the Framus Idolmaker gets a bass counterpart: The Warwick Idolmaker Bass is produced as a Custom Shop Masterbuilt (Handcrafted in Germany) as well as a Pro Series Teambuilt (Made in Germany) instrument - optionally as a 4 or 5 string bass. The features of this beautiful masterpiece include, among others, a carved mahogany body, bolt-on Wenge neck, Wenge fingerboard (fretted models) or Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard (fretless models), passive MEC vintage pickups and active Warwick electronics.

This year the Streamer Stage I will be spotlighted at the Custom Shop Masterbuilt Limited Editions. The Warwick Streamer Stage I LTD 2018 is available as 4 or 5 string, fretted or fretless. The Swamp Ash Body comes with a beautiful 1" top, made of selected European Ash Burl. Further information:

This year’s Pro Series Teambuilt Limited Edition model (Made in Germany) is the Warwick Streamer LX LTD 2018, with Swamp Ash body and European Ash Burl top, as well as Aguilar pickups and electronics, also available as 4 string or 5 string, fretless or fretless. Further information:

The Warwick RockBass Corvette Taranis is made in China and has an extra long scale (35"). This 4 string bass is equipped with ash body, bolt-on maple neck, Wenge fingerboard and active EMG Soapbar pickups.

The Warwick RockBass Infinity is available in both 4 string and 5 string versions, fretted or fretless. MEC J and MEC MM models are used as pickups, whereby the humbucker can be used serially, in parallel or as a single coil via an additional switch.

A thinline acoustic bass extends the Warwick Alien Bass Series. The Warwick RockBass Alien Deluxe Thinline Hybrid will be available as a 4-string or 5-string, fretted or fretless bass. A Shadow Nanomagnetic fingerboard pickup is combined with a piezo system under the bridge for natural sound.

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