West Co Pedals Releases the Curt Bisquera Grease Juicer

The famed drummer worked with the company to create a signature fuzz/envelope pedal.

Sebastopol, CA (March 1, 2019) -- West Co Pedals has announced the release of their first signature pedal, the Curt "Kirkee B" Bisquera "Grease Juicer" - an envelope filter pedal with attitude. The Grease Juicer features a unique analog signal path with knobs making it easy to control its complex chain of fuzz into an envelope filter with a sidechain. Two versions are available-one pedal is voiced specifically for bass and another tuned specifically for electric guitar. If players want a little extra grease and grit this pedal delivers, but it can also function solely as an envelope filter for a clean sound. The envelope filter was designed to accommodate a massive dynamic range-everything from very quiet playing on a guitar with low output single coil pickups, all the way to thumpin' n' pluckin' on a bass with active pickups. The Grease Juicer also sounds incredible on synths, electric piano, and clavinet. To get the kind of sounds and control that the Grease Juicer offers, it would normally take 2 or 3 separate pedals. The Grease Juicer is available through Clif Jones' LA Vintage Gear store in Burbank, CA, or through the West Co website directly at www.westcopedals.com for $329.99 USD.

One of the most "in demand" drummers, Curt Bisquera came to West Co Pedals to collaborate on an envelope filter for bass players to use while recording and performing. Bob Daspit, the founder of West Co Pedals, was able to realize Curt's vision-and then took it to new heights by adding the guitar pedal version. "I have been designing and building pedals on my own for several years, and now it's been incredible to work with a great musician like Curt to bring the new sounds of the Grease Juicer to life. We've been getting great responses from our artists," says Daspit.

John-Paul McLean, the bass player for Melvin Seals and JGB (Jerry Garcia Band), tried the Grease Juicer recently and immediately exclaimed, "This is exactly what I've been looking for!"

"I've been using the Grease Juicer on this latest tour with John Legend," said bassist Kaveh Rastegar. "I've also used it in the studio. It sounds great and is super dependable. I love this thing!!"

West Co Pedals has been building its reputation and product line over the past few years, mainly offering limited quantities of hand-built analog guitar and bass pedals, using top quality internal parts, knobs, and switches. West Co offers a host of analog pedals in addition to the new Grease Juicer, including its unique Blue Highway transparent boost and overdrive, Prickly Pear classic fuzz, Silver Spur treble booster, El Coyote 'CMOS' overdrive/fuzz, and the limited edition Goldbricker pedal: a spot-on re-creation of one of the most famous overdrive pedals ever developed. Visit the West Co website for more information and video demos.

Bisquera noted, "For 30-plus years I've been playing with the most world-renowned artists and musicians - it just made sense for my first collab to create something for bassists, guitarists, and synth players that I knew I wanted to hear when I'm playing drums!"

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