ZenZero Electronics Introduces the 2KP

A versatile preamp/boost pedal that's dead simple to use.

Tokyo, Japan (November 28, 2016) -- ZenZero Electronics is excited to introduce the 2KP, the spiritual successor to the One Knob Pony: same MOSFET heart brought to another level.

The 2KP is the only preamp/booster you will ever need. Sweet, clean, and bright, or aggressive, dirty, and warm, the 2KP does it all.

  • Place it right in front of your amp and leave it on. Turn back the volume on your guitar to clean it up perfectly and then roll it up to 10 to get all the gain and dirt you will ever need from your amp.
  • Use it as a massive volume boost for that searing solo.
  • Turn everything up over 3 o'clock to get into fuzz territory.
  • Put it after a Tube Screamer to have yourself a high-gain distortion.

Everything is possible and it's super simple and intuitive to use: just a gain and a volume that act exactly like the ones on a tube amp. That's all you need.

The 2KP is handbuilt in Tokyo using only top of the line components.

  • Great range of gain, from clean boost to massive fuzz
  • Works as an extra gain stage, like an additional tube for your amp to push it to 11
  • Simple and intuitive controls, only a GAIN and a VOLUME working exactly as you would expect
  • Hand-made in Tokyo, Japan

The 2KP pedal carries a street price of $139.00. It can be purchased directly from our website at http://zenzeroelectronics.com and it ships all over the world through EMS international tracking service.

For more information:
ZenZero Electronics

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