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ZenZero Electronics Introduces the FuzU

ZenZero Electronics Introduces the FuzU

A take on two different Muff circuits from two different eras.

Tokyo, Japan (September 1, 2017) -- ZenZero Electronics is excited to introduce the FuzU, our take on the venerable Muff circuit. We took two Muffs from different eras and, instead of choosing one, we put them together inside this pedal in such a way that they can happily join forces. We then added a mids control to make it versatile, and finished everything off with our MOSFET input and output stages to round up the sound into the signature ZenZero’s crunch. If you want harshness, look the other way: this fuzz is as high gain as it is smooth.

  • Ideal to build a wall of sound and fill the sonic landscape of your song. From post-grunge to blackgaze, the FuzU will cover all your needs of harmonic enchantment and destruction.
  • As much as we tweaked it, this is still a traditional Muff at heart. All the components are there, including a tone control that acts just like the slant EQ of the original: from dark and muffled, all the way up to bright and tinny, covering everything in between.
  • Unlike the original though, you will be happy to use this as a straightforward distortion: thanks to the MOSFET amplification stages, and to the independent mids control, you can lower the gain, raise the volume and push the mids to find yourself in classic rock ‘n roll territory.

The FuzU is hand-built in Tokyo using only top of the line components. All old-school through-hole technology, including lots of vertical resistors, inside a hand-polished aluminum enclosure decorated with extremely durable silk-screen printing.

The FuzU offers the following features:

  • Great range of gain and volume, from slight crunch to wall of sound fuzz.
  • Simple and intuitive controls. The MIDS and TONE don’t interact with each other, making it easier to setup.

The FuzU pedal carries a street price of $185.00.

For more information:
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