ZT Amplifiers Announces Bass Stack

A 400-watt 1x12 bass combo with powered extension cabinet.

Berkeley, CA (April 12, 2011) -- ZT Amplifiers, known for their line of compact, portable Lunchbox amps, has announced their first foray into bass amplification with the ZT Bass Stack. The top section of the stack is a 400-watt bass combo amp with a 1x12 woofer, with two paper cone tweeters in a sealed box. The combo is designed to replace any 4x10 cabinet and 400-watt head in power and output with a weight of only 35 pounds. The powered extension speaker below features the same drivers and power as the combo amp. Together, the stack is around 2 1/2 feet tall.

ZT estimates that the stack will be available in late summer at an estimated price of $999 for the combo and $699 for the extension cab.

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