ZT Amplifiers Releases Extortion Expressive Distortion

The Extortion Expressive Distortion offers both pure analog and DSP-enhanced signals in one pedal.

Berkeley, CA (January 15, 2013) - ZT Amplifiers, Inc., the worldwide leader in compact amp technology, has brought its focus on innovation into the guitar effects pedal market.

The Extortion Expressive Distortion is one of the most unique and versatile distortion effects ever created, offering both pure analog and DSP-enhanced signals in one pedal. For classic tones, Extortion features one of the finest analog distortion circuits ever heard. To reach a different realm of sounds, kick in “Spectral DSP” with intelligently designed optional variable control from an external expression pedal. Fully adjustable in tonality and intensity, the digital circuitry is not a separate “stage” simply placed in series with the analog. Extortion becomes an analog/digital mutant, with the two domains merged together as one. Combine that with an innovative tone control that acts more as a graphic equalizer than simple bass/treble, Extortion is a pedal lover’s dream.

“A lot of guitarists have multiple overdrive and distortion pedals for the range of sounds they want,” said Ken Kantor, ZT Founder and President. “The Extortion can do it all, and offer fun sonic exploration at the same time.”

MSRP $269 / Street $199

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