A deep-dive into the vintage amp collection used by Tom Bukovac on over 500+ albums.

Nashville, TN (May 27, 2020) -- 3rd Power is excited to announce Hit Makers: Volume One Amp Pack for the Kemper Profiler platform. With 70+ studio-quality amp rigs and profiles from the hit-maker amp collection of guitarist, Tom Bukovac, the Hit Makers: Volume One amp pack is a deep-dive into the rich, vintage amp collection used by Tom Bukovac on over 500+ albums.


  • 70+ combined studio profiles and rigs capturing the hit-making tones of Tom Bukovac’s amplifiers
  • 1968 Silver-frame Fender Princeton 110 Combo
  • 1968 Marshall 100W Super Bass (including Variac profiles)
  • 1990 Matchless C30 Amp Head
  • 3P VS212, 1960A 412 and 110 Combos
  • Rig Manager Tags included indicating settings, speakers, mic placement, and more
  • Assorted Profiles feature 3P Roosevelt Drive pedal to push the front end of the amp

On May 22, 2020, the Hit-Makers: Volume One Profile Pack will be available for purchase as a download at www.3rdpower.com with an introductory price around $39.99.

Watch the company's video demo:

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