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3rd Power Announces the Wooly Coats Spanky MKII

3rd Power Announces the Wooly Coats Spanky MKII

The 18-watt amp comes as either a combo or head and features reverb and HybridMaster technology.

Nashville, TN (April 7, 2017) -- 3rd Power is excited to announce the new Wooly Coats Spanky MKII amplifier to its line of award-winning amplifiers, hand-built in the company's East Nashville, Tennessee shop.

Operating on a pair of 6V6 output tubes, the new 18-watt Spanky MKII is 3rd Power's response to overwhelming customer demand for a Spanky combo amp with reverb and HybridMaster. The Spanky MKII is a single-channel 1x12 combo amplifier that expands on the Wooly Coats Spanky brand of clean American guitar tones, with its unique midrange frequency control that takes you from Blackface to Tweed, by introducing core professional features of its bigger brother, the Extra Spanky. During the development of the Spanky MKII, 3rd Power brought together the original design of the Spanky and the Extra Spanky and merged them into an exciting new unit. The goal was simple: Create a fresh update to the Spanky without changing the tone or the feel and including our acclaimed tube-driven spring reverb circuitry and our patented HybridMaster. With the company's proprietary HybridMaster volume management circuitry, your guitar tone can be achieved at whatever volume level is right for the room.

“I’ve been hearing from players, 'I love the Extra Spanky but I don’t need 35 watts,’ so basically we’ve gone ahead and developed an Extra Spanky at half the power. And while we were at it, we brought the price down substantially. The Spanky MKII is a wonderfully versatile and inspiring tube guitar amplifier with a wide range of Blackface and Tweed style tone capabilities but now with our studio-quality tube driven spring reverb on-board as well as our own HybridMaster circuitry. I couldn’t be more pleased with the performance of the new Spanky MKII amplifier,” said Jamie Scott, founder and Amp Artist at 3rd Power.


  • Hand-built in East Nashville, TN
  • Premium American-made Heyboer Transformers throughout
  • Premium American-made 12" Eminence George Alessandro Speaker
  • Patented HybridMaster volume management technology
  • Pure-tube spring reverb with a refined ambient voicing based on the Dual Citizen
  • Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls
  • Expanded midrange frequency control for Blackface to Tweed styled tones
  • 8 ohm and 4 ohm speaker jacks
  • 1W carbon film resistors for low noise, 1/2W carbon composition resistors for tone
  • Long-tailed-pair phase inverter for greater headroom
  • Power and Standby switches on the front panel
  • Mallory and Orange Drop coupling capacitors
  • F&T power supply filter caps
  • Choke filtered power supply
  • Available as a head or 1x12 combo
  • Dual 6V6 output tubes
  • 5U4 rectifier tube

All 3rd Power amplifiers are hand-built in the USA and feature point-to-point turret board construction and come with a 33-year warranty. Spanky MKII units will begin shipping by May 31, 2017 at introductory prices starting around $1599 for the head and $1699 for a 112 combo. Single button reverb on/off foot switch is included. For more information, please visit

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