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Agave Audio Introduces the Loadout

Agave Audio Introduces the Loadout

A passive direct box engineered to give musicians increased flexibility when recording guitar.

Albuquerque, NM (September 30, 2015) -- Agave Audio is now offering a handcrafted option for any electric guitarist looking for different ways to record. The Loadout provides a direct out for your amplifier that can be fed straight into your recording rig. The Loadout’s high end direct out can also be blended with a mic’d speaker cabinet, expanding your tonal pallet.


  • Transformer balanced XLR direct out controlled via a rotary switch for professional signal path
  • Speaker cabinet or internal load switching allows for silent recording
  • Ground lift switch to keep hum out of your music
  • Hand-wired construction for premium quality and tone
  • Rated impedance - 8 ohms
  • Maximum amp wattage - 30 watts


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