Alexander Pedals Unveils the Golden Summer Ambient Reverberator

Alexander’s take on reverb with a decidedly ambient slant.

Garner, NC (July 10, 2015) -- With a shimmering gleam, the Golden Summer Ambient Reverberator by Alexander Pedals illuminates a bright new era of guitar effects, warming the tone of any artist with the radiant richness of the summer season, washing long and late like the last lingering rays of an endless, slow sunset.

The Golden Summer is Alexander’s take on reverb with a decidedly ambient slant. The basic reverb tone is that of a large chamber or hall, with a lush decay and fully adjustable pre-delay. The user can create enormous soundscapes with only these two controls, but adding in the Tweak control takes the possibilities to the next level. Add in the soft-touch bypass switching with user selectable reverb “trails” and you have an ambient powerhouse.

The Tweak control has a completely different function in each reverb mode: In Mod mode it adjusts the modulation on the reverb trails from a fast flutter to a slow wash. In Shimmer mode the Tweak produces a classic ambient effect with the addition of an octave up or down to the reverb trails. Finally, in Echo mode this control allows the user to dial in either dark analog delay tones or bright digital repeats.


  • Four knobs to control Reverb, Delay, Mix and Tweak
  • Three available control modes: Mod, Shimmer and Echo
  • Buffered Bypass Switching with optional trails and a Soft-Touch Footswitch
  • 9-volt operation and a standard DC input

$190 Retail

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