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Allen Eden Releases the Black Waves Distortion Pedal

A new take on the classic LM308 sound.

El Monte, CA (November 20, 2020) -- If you’re looking for a versatile pedal that brings a loud and full- bodied '70s and '80s sound, Allen Eden has you covered with their new Black Waves Distortion Effect Pedal.

The classic three-knob design lets players easily control the volume, tone, and gain going to the amp. This allows for a controlled LM308 sound while also adding that grinding electric effect. The Black Waves’ technology allows the pedal to manipulate the noise in three ways:

  • Vintage delivers a mild overdrive to a full gain distortion while ensuring your tone comes through.
  • Turbo thickens the tone to create a beefier modern sound on the verge of fuzz.
  • LOUD, as the name suggests, creates deep, ringing volume by removing the clipping diodes.

The new Allen Eden Black Waves Distortion Effect Pedal is available now at for only $54.99. They also offer free 1-day shipping in the domestic US. The stock is limited, so visit their site and jam with this new pedal.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
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