It’s every electric player’s wish to find a completely original pair like this: a custom-color Strat from exactly the right period and a tweed tube amp (from the same single owner). The guitar shows normal signs of dirt and body oils on its body and neck—we will not be cleaning them off. The potentiometers inside the body cavity bear pot codes 304–704, which refers to the fourth week of 1957. The capacitor inside is original, as is the switch, stated as “CRL1432.” The neck date is 2/57.

The original tweed hard shell case bears a tag inside that reads: “Cushioned with ‘Comfort Engineered’ U.S. Koylon. United States Rubber Co.” In 1957, Fender provided a foil plate logo on the outside lid. Almost all of these are now missing on the extant examples. We are impressed. The color, the accoutrements and the case will reduce you to drooling disarray. The Fender “Super” (Leo used quotation marks on the top panel) was introduced during 1946 as the “Dual Professional.” The name was changed early in 1947. This is an extremely fine example of an original period Fender amplifier that has survived in exemplary condition. It produces the tone and timbre we hear on the recordings of our most beloved artists.

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