Created in 1960 as a mellower alternative to theseminal Fender Precision bass, the Fender Jazz bass has created a musical legacy all its own. Its body shape was similar to the Jazzmaster guitar, and its neck was narrower at the nut than the P bass. Other differences included the tapered fretboard, an ash body, and two single-coils with two pole pieces per string instead of a single split-coil humbucker. All of these attributes combined to make an appealing instrument that had more treble and was richer in the midrange.

The 1977 Jazz bass featured here still has the original Tolex case and is all original except for an upgraded Badass bridge. Its ash body has a stunning natural finish, and the bound maple neck features a rosewood fretboard with mother-of-pearl block inlays. It has the three-bolt neck construction that was used from the mid ’70s until 1983, when Fender returned to the 4-bolt design. The bass resonates well, and the original pickups are super warm and full.

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