together PANGEA - Badillac by together PANGEA


together PANGEA
Harvest Records

If you’re into sizzling chord onslaughts and fuzzed-into-oblivion bass lines blaring through amps on the verge of exploding, thundering toms and crash cymbals that sound like they’re going to splinter with every downbeat, and shriek-along choruses, chances are you’ll dig Badillac—the third album from L.A.-based trio together PANGEA. You can practically see the spittle flying from singer/guitarist William Keegan’s sneering lips as his saturated-to-hell Strat or beat-up acoustic veers from lumbering to chugging, lilting, then swaggering—all in lockstep with bassist Danny Bengston and drummer Erik Jimenez. The 12 tracks combine the best of early punk and mid-’90s grunge and garage rock in ways that will be refreshing to anyone who shakes their head when twaddle like Blink-182 is termed “punk.” But it’s the relentless grip on melody, the breakneck dynamics shifts, and the sheer gumption that hold it all together—not to mention the blistering solos. They’re not long or all, “Hey, look—I’m really good at guitar,” but they’re dexterous all the same, slapping you upside the head with their wailing, bristlingly angular warbles. Refreshing….

Must-hear tracks: “Alive” and “Where the Night Ends”