Warren Haynes—Gov't Mule


To keep things fresh, Haynes' guitar tech Brian Farmer takes some liberty and names all of Haynes various Les Pauls, Firebirds, and ES-335s to keep them all straight. His two main Les Pauls are Chester—features a Chet Atkins nut cover—and Lester, which are both Inspired By Warren Haynes models. The third Inspired By model has P-90s instead of the traditional humbuckers. Two of the his Firebirds are MoLester and Paul Y Lester—for 'polyester' and because it has three P-90s—and both are tuned to Eb. The third Firebird, also in Eb, is Haynes' first non-reverse Firebird he got in mid-2000s. (At the time of this video, Farmer had not been struck inspiration to name it.) The only SG (called Crazy) in his live collection was a Gordy Johnson model tuned to open C and loaded with P-94s that's used for "Brighter Days" and "Like Flies." The two alternatively-tuned Les Pauls include a '58 reissue tuned to D-A-F-C-G-C for "Wandering Child" and a '59 reissue tuned to drop D. His two ES-335s are Little Red—which is based on Haynes' cherry '61 335 Big Red that stays at home—and his main live guitar for Gov't Mule is '61 reissue 335 coined Blondie. The gem of his live stash during the 2010 had to be the Les Paul 12-string (one of only two made when this video was shot) that is in drop D.Amps

Haynes brings an impressive trio of boutique heads on the road with him and during his 2010 jaunt with Gov't Mule he switched between a prototype PRS Super Dallas and a heavily modded Soldano SLO100, and a Diaz CD-100. The Super Dallas was reverse-engineered and based on a '68 Marshall Plexi that belonged to Eric Johnson. The main amp of the show was the Soldano that Haynes used exclusively with the Allman Brothers Band. The PRS and Soldano are routed through a Marshall 1960 cab loaded with four 12" Vintage 30 Celestions—only the PRS or Soldano are running at a time depending on the song. The Diaz goes into a separate Marshall 4x12 that is loaded with 65-watt Celestions. Both cabs are mic'd with Shure KSM37s on the top speakers and Sennheiser e609s.Effects

For the Gov't Mule gig, Haynes only brought out a select batch of rackmount gear and stompboxes that included a Korg DTR-1 Tuner, a Chandler SDE II Digital Delay, a Cesar Diaz Texas Ranger Treble Booster—which is used exclusively to boost the Firebirds so they're as loud as the Les Pauls, a Klon Centaur, an Emma DiscumBOBulator, a Boss OC-2 Octave, a Hughes and Ketter Rotosphere, a Fulltone Supa-Trem, a Jim Dunlop 535Q Wah—it's hooked up with 20-foot cables to reduce some of his tone's unnecessary high-end shrill, and the entire setup is powered by a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus.